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So What's involved?

Dance DivasA Themed Class from Dance Divas is a unique experience, with many fun elements: Dance, Dressing Up and Posing for Photos, which make for an original and different way to spend an evening.

The Class is for an hour and a half and starts with....

The Costumes....

Many companies offering dance classes to hen party groups say they provide costumes and give the girls a feather boa or a wig when they arrive to dance. Dance Divas provides complete professional costumes and props for the entire group in the style of the dance theme they have picked. (Costume sizes range from 6 to a 22, and come in many styles -suitable for all shapes).

The Dancing.....

After the fun of dressing up, the group get to learn dance moves in the dance style they have picked. This is followed by a simple fun choreography (most of which are suitable for the group to dance again at the wedding reception).

The Memories.....

At the end of the class there is a professional photo shoot of the Bride, the bridesmaids and then the entire group posing in costume against Themed Backdrops. Costumes and props are used for the photo shoot and any additional photos the Hen may require will be taken.. e.g. the bride with her mother, the bride with her sisters....

The photos are then edited and uploaded into a folder on the Dance Divas Facebook page. They are available free to the entire hen party to download as a keepsake of their Hen Weekend!

A Gift for the Bride....

A cd of the music used in the class and the dance choreography will be given to the bride.

Dance Hen Parties with Dance Divas - Dress Up & Dance

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  • Sten Do

    Category: General

    Why not consider joining forces for your upcoming pre-nuptial celebrations? 

    A Sten Parties is a combined Stag and Hen and they are becoming increas

    ingly more common. 

    And  ‘Sten Do’ or ‘Hag party’ can have many benefits:

    It’s the perfect way for a couple to save money and still have a party.

    The bride and groom can celebrate with all their friends and family and mutual friends

    Mixed parties are always fun

    The happy couple get to spend more time together

    But a Sten can also have some disadvantages:

    Such as trying to figure out suitable activities to suit a mixed group

    And a Combined party will mean a larger group, which means more people to keep entertained.

    Also many of the guests from each side may not know each other.

     So what’s the Solution?

    A Dress Up & Dance class from Dance Divas may be just the activity to suit your Sten Party. 

    Several of the packages on offer are suitable for mixed groups.  Dressing up in costume and dancing is a great way for a group to break the ice and get to know each other. 

    A photoshoot of the entire group in costume is also included with each activity. 

    So check out Dance Divas mixed group photo gallery and contact me for further information.




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